Solar attic fans are designed with one purpose, to ventilate your attic and make sure the air keeps moving. Attic fans exhaust air and generally rely on a small solar panel to power its motor that is fueled by the sun.

7 Reasons a Solar Attic Fan Makes Sense!

1 – A properly sized solar attic ventilation system will reduce attic temperature to 5-10 degrees F above the outdoor temperature. Ventilating the attic reduces the amount of heat transferred from the attic to the home, decreases the load on the air conditioning system, and extends the life of the roof.

2 – In winter, heat trapped in the attic may melt snow on the roof, which trickles down and creates destructive ice dams in the colder eaves.

3 – The attic becomes warmest when the sun is the strongest. A solar attic fan runs the hardest when the sun is strongest.

4 – Everyday home activities such as cooking and showering create moisture which collects in the attic and promotes mold and mildew growth, reduces the effectiveness of insulation, and attacks the wooden attic structure. Year round fresh air circulation from a solar attic fan removes this moisture and prevents moisture related problems.

5 – Zero operating cost.

6 – Installation can be done by a handy homeowner. No electrician is required.

7 -  Quiet operation.

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