The Solar Star attic fan is a unique roof mounted attic fan that has the solar panel incorporated into the dome portion of the unit.  Powered exclusively when sunlight hits the solar panel, the Solar Star does not have thermostats or switches.  The installation is fairly quick and easy since there are no electrical hook ups to deal with.

There are two different types of Solar Star Attic Fanssolar gable fan and solar roof fan.  Although very similar in the way they work,  most experts still agree that the roof mount works better due to the law of physics that heat rises. Although the gable fan is much easier and quicker to install.

These units come fully assembled and provide about 1200 square feet of coverage.  They are leak proof and all Solar Star Attic Fans come with a 5 year warranty to resist high impact winds, hail and damage from other foreign objects.

Solar Star Attic Fan Installation Video

When the guys from This Old House installed the Solar Star Attic Fan, they also did one of the things they do best, and thats showing others how its done! As you watch the Solar Star attic fan installation above, you will see every step in the process, from deciding where the vent should go based on rafter location, to cutting the shingles, roof plywood, and all the way caulking the finished job and replacing the shingles when you are done.

Solar Star Attic Fan Pictures


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