Besides the benefits to your home environment that a solar attic fan creates, one nice feature is that they can be installed by a number of different type of contractors.

When building a home or having your existing home re-roofed, the roofers doing the job are the natural choice. They should have experience and the know-how to install any solar attic fan you select and to make sure that it is positioned correctly, well-sealed, and running properly. If your existing home has a roof in good condition that you want to protect, there are other contractors who should be able to manage the installation of your solar attic fan.

A good bet is to call a contractor you’ve had good experience with and ask them if they can do the job, or if not, can make a referral of someone who can.

Most HVAC contractors have experience with solar attic fan installation since they are sometimes installed in conjunction with a central air conditioning unit in order to pull heat out of the attic and make the A/C run more efficiently for energy cost savings.

Electricians may have experience, too, though there is no wiring involved in the solar attic fan. Good electricians diversify their expertise since increasing use of solar energy equipment is reducing reliance on electricity.

For simple affordability, a quality handyman service might offer both excellent installation and the best rates. When calling these various contractors for estimates, ask about their experience installing solar attic fans, and you should be able to determine the right person for the job.

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