Solar Gable Fan

With the summer months approaching, it is important to ensure that you have proper ventilation for your attic. With the economy the way that it is today, it is important to save money in any way that you can. With a solar gable fan on your home, you can save money in this matter as well.

Gable mounted solar fans provide a way to ventilate your attic while saving you money. By using solar panels, there is no electricity that must be used to power the gable fan. The solar panels collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. This power is capable of running a 24 volt DC motor. So what exactly is a solar gable fan? These are fans that are installed directly into the gable, point, of your roof. Generally, they are installed on each end of the roof if possible. The vent fits into the triangular area created by the gable. The solar panel that provides the energy is installed near to the vent. The panel can be adjusted to the best angle for getting sunlight so installation can be virtually anywhere. The solar panel is connected to the motor in the fan so the energy runs directly to the vent.

Not only do these solar gable fans save you money, but they are also a breeze to install, especially if you already have gable vents! Incidentally, for those of you without a gable on your home, you can always choose to install a Solar Roof Fan, just as well. Because they are powered by the solar panel, there is no electrical wiring to deal with, other than the short wire connecting the panel to the fan motor! With other types of fans, you have to hire a professional electrician to do all or the wiring. Also, these fans are ready to go right out of the box. The panel and vent come ready to install with all of the equipment necessary.

Solar Gable Fan Installation

The first step in installation is placing the vent in the proper place. With the motor unit facing toward the attic, drill the vent into the two wooden posts that border the gable. After you have installed the vent, you must determine the best location for the panel. Once you have the destination selected, you simply use the L-brackets provided and attach them to the vent and the roof through the pre dilled holes.


Once the equipment is installed, you can take two different routes to attach the power cable.

The first way is to simply run the cord through the gable opening up to the solar panel.

The second way is to drill a small hole in the roof next to the panel and run the cord though this opening.

If you choose to follow the second method, you must caulk the opening in order to prevent leakage. After you have ran the cord from the vent to the panel, all you must do it to attach the black wire to black wire and the red wire to the red wire. In these four simple steps, installation is complete and the fan is ready to go.