Many homeowners appreciate the cost savings of a Do it Yourself approach to projects around the house, as well as simply enjoying the work. Those relatively handy with basic tools can certainly install a solar attic fan themselves, in just a few hours maximum. While adding a solar attic fan is easiest when building the home, retrofitting one adds a step or two, but is manageable. It is possible that an existing passive vent will supply the right size hole, or provide a good start.

The Solar Attic Fan should be located between rafters 2-3 feet below the ridge. The fan’s installation manual will diagram the correct hole size to cut into the roofing. A circular saw is a good way to expand an existing hole, especially when a rectangular hole is required. For round holes, a reciprocating saw will do the job. If you have to punch a hole through to get started, use a large diameter hole saw. From there, follow the instructions for quick and easy installation.

While DIY enthusiasts won’t find major challenges to installing a solar attic fan, not everybody has the time or inclination for the job. Many contractors have experience in the work and will do it at pretty reasonable prices. Get a couple of quotes and you’ll be taking great care of your attic very shortly.

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