While installing a solar attic fan is not the hardest job in construction, it is absolutely essential that it be done correctly. It must be located properly to insure maximum effectiveness in removing damaging heat and moisture from the attic space. The right tools must be used to make the installation quick and correct, and once the solar attic fan is in place, knowing how to seal the edges to prevent moisture from rain or melting snow from getting into the attic is a must. For these reasons, many homeowners leave installation to a professional contractor.

Most contractors have the expertise and experience to install your solar attic fan in just a few hours, making it affordable to hire a professional to do the job. When you do, you’ll enjoy the confidence that the installation was handled correctly and that your attic’s heat and moisture problems will be eradicated, reducing the risk of structural damage and ruined shingles. Plus, if there are issues with the work, you’ll have a professional to call who will stand behind their work.

While most opt to have their solar attic fan professionally installed, it can done correctly by the homeowner who has the right tools and a bit of handyman know how. DIY enthusiasts who don’t mind working on a roof and possess basic carpentry skills will find the task requires care and precision, but nothing especially difficult.

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