We feel that spreading the news about ways to save energy is important for the future of our earth.

Sure, we agree that one person adding a solar powered attic fan may not make much difference in the overall picture, but what if everyone used solar power for small appliances like this? What if everyone used a solar powered attic fan instead of just 1-2% that currently do?

This page is a list of resources that support solar energy, in both small and large scale efforts! If you feel that you have a website that needs to be on this page, you do not need to request a link… those end up in spam folders.

Instead, we find interesting solar sites by looking through our referrer logs, and see is talking about US! In turn, we visit those websites and see whats being said about us. Most of the time, we follow up with a weekly resources post, helping our readers find you.

So… if you want us to find you, talk about us as well!¬† We Dare you!

Have a Sunny day! :-)

Solar Energy Saver Resources

Government Resources

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